Asian Stocks Inch Higher on Strong Tech Sector

The Asian market managed to offset some of the sheds they suffer from the previous session on great tech sector today. The sector tallied a great performance ahead of the major meeting of the G7 countries this Friday.

The Asian stocks managed to rebound from the rocky session yesterday. The tension over the new United States steel tariffs continues to be the main focus of the market and most investors. Furthermore, the concerns from Italy also add tension on the market.

The current Italian debt continues to prompt market movements in the session. Investors are looking to jump to another country with a lower-risk government debt. The market movements continue to push the U.S. Treasury yields lower after hitting consecutive highs.

Asian stocks up after great tech sector run

Asian stocks up after great tech sector run, investors wait for G7 meeting

Asian Stocks Prices Up

The majority of Asian stocks saw positive market figures in today’s session. Tokyo’s Nikkie 225 managed to tread by 0.1% in the same session, closing at 22,572.46. Meanwhile, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng managed to end the session 0.4% higher to 31,221.59.

Furthermore, Sydney’s S&P-ASX 200 also managed to score a 0.4%, closing to 6,019.80. On the other hand, the Shanghai Composite Index continues to trade at 3,114.35, unchanged from the previous session.

South Korea’s market was closed due to local holidays, while benchmarks from Taiwan and New Zealand also tallied great increases. The South East Asian market, on the contrary, showed weaker than expected performance in the same session.

More Stocks Movement

The tech sector also managed to buoy the U.S. indices to relevantly positive levels. The Standard & Poor 500 index managed to climb by a total of 0.2% on the session, closing to 2,748.80. The Nasdaq was also up by 0.4% on the same quarter.

Giant retailers also managed to report great performance on the session. Amazon and Macy’s were reported to tally increase in the quarter.

On the other hand, the market is expected to produce another astonishing result this coming Friday. The leaders of the G7 country are set to meet just before the weekends to discuss the new metal and aluminum tariffs the U.S. announced.

Meanwhile, the dollar also remained flat despite the massive fluctuations in the market. The currencies index was trading flat, unchanged at 93.83. The greenback managed to stumble against the yen, dropping to 109.90 after hitting a two-week high.

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