Tesla Imports New Equipment, Hires New CFO

Tesla is looking to fulfill their promise of producing more Model 3 this year with their new investment move. The company has been recently reported to have imported a ton of new equipment to help with the production process.

Tesla’s New Production Equipment

The reports also revealed that the auto company also imported some robots to help speed up the production time. The equipment and robot have also been reported to have hailed in Europe. A total of six full planes carried the mass production help Tesla needed.

The company has been dodging further questions and comments about the shipments. They have been vamping up their equipment to steadily increase the Model 3’s production speed. The delays have been causing Tesla a lot of decreasing market performance in the past

Elon Musk has been heavily criticized in the market for failing to comply with their Model 3 promises. The delayed delivery and production have been steadily pressuring the whole company ever since the year started.

According to reports, the shipment through the air has been notorious for being expensive. This is also the first time that an automobile company imported some equipment via air. The air transport is a seen as a sense of urgency in the market as they continue to close doubts on their Model 3 production.

Analysts are looking to observe the company’s upcoming moves as they continue to push production forward. The potential of their budget-friendly sedan can create a massive production upgrade that will truly help the niche market.

Tesla imports new equipment from the United Kingdom

Tesla imports new equipment from the United Kingdom

Model 3 Delays and Tesla’s Factory Chokes

Tesla is also looking to reverse their first quarter debacles through this massive changes and investments. They are looking to counter their previously negative free cash flow of $1 billion from their previous quarter.

The company is yet to confirm on when the new products through the new equipment and robot will come. On one of Musk’s note, he mentioned that a large amount of delay has sprung from the battery module productions.

Tesla China’s New CFO

The company recently announced a handful of new executives and one of them is their new CFO in China. The company appointed James Zhou as the new Chief Financial Officer of the country. They also announced their new director of energy manufacturing, a former Apple executive Neeraj Manrao.

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