U.S. Treasury Yield Eases after Strong Run Last Week

The Treasury yields soften in the market after geopolitical terrors climb in the market. The yield managed to slow down after having a great run last week. The trade war discussion and rising tension from Italy apprehended they yield’s run.

Investors also await the Federal Reserve meeting this coming Wednesday. They are still wary of the minutes that will come out of the meeting.

Investors continue to gauge the Fed’s decision and possible outcome for the dollar and the economy. The performance of the yield is also held in halted until any news from the monthly meeting are made public.

On the other hand, the trade war debacle between the United States and China continues to die down in the market. Both countries managed to meet over the weekend and decided to create an agreement that will stop the possibility of any trade wars.

They also managed to agree to abide on the “Framework”. The new plan is suggested by the United Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. The “Framework” looks to give Beijing a massive upon its purchasing power of U.S. goods and services.

Mnuchin also mentioned that “We are putting the trade war on hold. Right now, we have agreed to put the tariffs on hold while we try to execute the framework,”

U.S. Yields eases in the market after stellar performance last week

U.S. Yields eases in the market after a stellar performance last week

Treasury Yield Performance

Going back to further debacles in the market, the Italian coalition government is also picking up some steam today. Analysts are having an impending concern over the strengthening coalition, sending some negative results to the Treasury yields’ performance.

On the other hand, the stronger coalition managed to propel the local bond yield in the previous session. According to reports, Italy’s bond yield managed to tally great increase as the events continue to unfold in the market.

Looking at the Treasury yield performance, the 10-year note managed to tally a positive result despite the market concerns. It reportedly hit the 3.065% figure in the previous market session; just figures lower from its seven-year trading high.

The 10-year treasury yield managed to report stellar performance last week, hitting a fresh seven-year high. It also tallied its best performance since April 20, hitting the 3.125% figures just before the week ends last Friday.

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