Samsung Seeks Smartphone Maker, Taps ZTE

Samsung looks to source new smartphone companies for their chips. The Korean company looks to tap the Chinese powerhouse ZTE for their future plans. Samsung is looking to directly combat the magnanimous market presence Qualcomm has.

One of the notable chips that Samsung make is the Exynos. The chip is locally found on one of Samsung’s flagship model, the Samsung S9. The company has also been popular for partnering with China’s Meizu Technology.

ZTE has been wildly popular for producing mobile processors. The Chinese company has been silently combating Qualcomm in the market. They have been steering their way in the smartphone market through various budget phones.

Meanwhile, Qualcomm has been the dominant performer in the mobile chip-making business. They have been partnering with Samsung for quite a while and other notable players in the market. They have also been expanding their cybersecurity solutions.

Samsung to enter chipmaking business, rivals Qualcomm and Apple.

Samsung to enter chipmaking business rivals Qualcomm and Apple.

Samsung Exynos Chip

Furthermore, Samsung cleared that they are looking to talk to almost all of the OEMs in the market. “We are talking to all OEMs,” the head of Samsung’s logic chip developer called System LSI, Inyup Kang, said in an interview.

Inyup Kang is a former Qualcomm executive. Kang also mentioned in the in the interview that they are bestowing new chips in the market. He hinted that a new and improved Exynos chipset is set to arrive in the first half of 2019.

ZTE Trade Wars

The abrupt decision from Samsung comes after a United States bans export to China’s ZTE. The country recently hammered a whopping seven-year ban on the Chinese company. Reports revealed that ZTE has been caught on exporting U.S. parts to Iran and North Korea.

The Chinese company has been actively working to lift the ban. According to reports, the issue is looking to be resolved sooner or later as they continue to tap the Trump Administration. President Donald Trump also commented that he will help the company to “get back into business, fast”.

Kang noted that the ongoing trade disputes will not waiver their resilience to cement a new partnership. He said that they will continue to push through with the ZTE talks despite the impeccable trade wars between U.S. and China.

The tech giant will continue to claw their way up despite being tremendously behind Qualcomm. The Korean company will need to up their antics if they want to compete in the top league which Qualcomm and Apple dominates.

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