Tesla to Accept Model 3 Orders Starting Next Week

Tesla recently announced their intent to push through with offering the Model 3 in the market once again. The company also teased the market that an all-wheel drive and “performance” Model 3 will be available in the market.

Tesla’s Model 3 has been their entry-level vehicle, but the production and delivery flunk gave them a tremendous rarity.

The auto giant looks to rebound and builds their reputation once again after the treacherous Model 3 start. The company’s shares were heavily weighed down by the Model 3 production delays on their previous quarterly performance report.

Elon Musk took it to Twitter to announce the highly anticipated Model 3 production. He also added that the orders that they’ll be taking will see a start of production in July. On the other hand, the automobile company has also been reported to open their shipment outside of US.

Tesla's New and Improved Model 3 to be Available Next Week

Tesla’s New and Improved Model 3 to be Available Next Week

Tesla Model 3 “Performance” Version

Going back to the all-new performance Model 3, Elo clarified that the new models are going to pack a whole new punch.

Two electric motors are looking to find their way to the new models, one at the front axle and another one on the rear. Tesla noted that the additional motors will help with the better traction control.

Musk hinted in the past that the new “performance” Model will come equip with a huge upgrade. The CEO has teased the market with a nod on the possibility of an acceleration upgrade for their new models. The new upgrades are rumored to elevate the overall performance of the entry level of Teslas.

On the bleaker side, the Model 3 has been notorious for missing productions and deliveries deadline. The company has been receiving a lot of backlashes as they continue to miss both deadlines. Reports also revealed that some parts of the Model 3 are in a dire need of rework or replacement.

Tesla is looking to shrug the production delays as they deliver their first Model 3 internationally. According to reports, the auto company managed to deliver its first-ever Model 3 outside the US, finding its way to Kingston, Ontario.

For everyone who wants to own a Model 3 AWD or the Model 3 Performance, you can try and visit Tesla’s website as early as next week. Tesla has yet to disclose the pricing details, but will surely hit the budget-friendly side.

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