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Nordstrom Announces New York Store Dedicated to Men

Nordstrom recently announced their stunning men-centric new store. The store is located in New York and is looking to cater their men consumer’s need. The company’s new store will feature a new and crazy feature that will entice new and old buyers alike.

Nordstrom is looking to up their game with their new store and its lucrative new feature. The high-end department store is looking to introduce a new way shopping, anytime and any day. They are looking to cater their consumer by providing flexible shopping hours.

Furthermore, the department store’s new location is as tantalizing as their new shopping hours. Their store is currently located in the heart of New York, sitting between the Times Square and the Central Park.

The company created the all-men store as an answer to the growing demographic of men buying high-end clothes. The surge of high-end brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, YSL, and Balenciaga has propelled the department store sales in the past months.

Furthermore, Nordstrom also announced their intent to create an all women store. According to the company, the all-women store will most likely be opened next year. Its location will be at their all-men store location.

Nordstrom Opens New Department Store Geared for Men in New York

Nordstrom Opens New Department Store Geared for Men in New York

Nordstrom New York Men Store

Looking at Nordstrom new store, the new location is housing three-level building on a 47,000 square foot lot. Some of the brands that the department store is looking to offer are; Calvin Klein, Balenciaga, Valentino, and Dior.

The department store is also looking to house a good number of active wear. They announced that they will feature apparel from Nike, Adidas, and Champion. They also announced that they’ll offer work apparel such as suits and tie.

Nordstrom new department store doesn’t end there; they will also feature two dining areas, coffee shop, and an incredible café that’ll serve lobster. Currently, Nordstrom operates a whopping 370 stores that stretch from the United States to Canada.

Going back to its new actual features; the department store will feature a sleek round-the-clock pickup. They also added a 24/7 pickup for their online orders, an in-store stylist, 16 on-staff tailors, and the same day delivery for only $20.

New York has been one of the best locations for Nordstrom according to their online sales. According to the company’s data, New York ranks as the biggest market they have in terms of total sales volume for their online orders.

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