Facebook CEO to Attend Court Hearing for Possible Regulation

Facebook continues to face legal battles after recent information theft. The company’s CEO looks to face the U.S. lawmakers this coming Tuesday and Wednesday. Zuckerberg is looking to defend the platform against the states’ call of regulation.

Zuckerberg is attending the hearing not only on Facebook but on behalf of other internet-based companies. This regulation comes after a rampant data misuse and abuse. The company has been harvesting information for its users and selling it to data miners and companies.

Facebook Hearing Information

Local lawmakers have been dabbling with the possibility of this hearing but took a longer time than expected. The nuisance that comes with the new technical issues has tussled the lawmakers’ decisions and greatly impacted the hearing’s schedule.

According to the lawmakers, one of the main topics that will be talking about today is the recent U.S. Presidential election. They are looking to know how have Russia used the social media’s data to create and distribute political propaganda.

Second, or the main one, is the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The issue revolves around the unknowing data harvesting that had happened in the past. A total of 87 million users have had their personal data stolen, and reports showed that most of them are from America.

One of the Senate Commerce Committee, Bill Nelson, is looking to attend the hearing. According to Nelson, the results are going to push the new regulations, nothing more and nothing less. Nelson also said that the regulation is the needed answer for the Facebook scandal.

Nelson also said in an interview last Monday, “How in the world can you have 44 senators do a hearing that has a lot of substance when each senator only has four minutes?”

In addition, another lawmaker, Senator Dianne Feinstein, also said that CEO Zuckerberg “was a very nice young man” and is “obviously knows what he’s doing and has a very pleasant personality.”

Facebook Faces Legal Sanctions on Previous Information Scandal

Facebook Faces Legal Sanctions on Previous Information Scandal

Facebook Rolls PR Messages

On the other hand, as big PR move, Facebook has started to notify its users about the improperly obtained information today. According to the social media, they have sent a notification from its 87 million users about the recent information scandal.

Furthermore, Facebook has been rolling out the message “how you’re affected” which explains how your information was stolen, used, and sold to companies such as Cambridge Analytica.

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