Peugeot Heightens Production on British Plant

One of the biggest brands in Europe, Peugeot, announces its plans to bump up production amidst Brexit. The auto company unveils that their British Vauxhall plant is looking to pump more outputs in the coming months.

The automotive maker’s newly acquired Opel brand is looking to do more work in the following month. The French company managed to acquire Opel from General Motors last year. The company mentions that they are utilizing Opel and Citroen’s production as part of their investment plan.

Peugeot newly acquired Vauxhall Vivaro van in Luton, north of London plant is going to be utilized in the process. The company made the move after massive pressure from labor talks with Opel’s German workers arises. The local U.K. government is reportedly involved in the current negotiations.

According to the union, the plan is looking to create a rough estimate of 350-400 new job openings. The union also mentions that the investment is looking to hit the 100 million euros or a whopping $123 million.

Currently, the plant houses a total of 1,400 people. The massive change is looking to take effect as a part the on-going trade talks and relationships with the European Union. The company’s mother group, PSA, mentions that the deal looks to influence the long-term trading deal with EU.

Peugeot plans’ involves pumping a massive number of new units every day. They are looking to upgrade the former 60,000 production numbers last 2017 to a whopping 100,000 this year.

Peugeot’s mother company, Groupe PSA’s Chief Executive Carlos Tavares noted that “I take on board the assurances that the UK government has provided us on seeking tariff-free and frictionless trade with the EU going forward,” Tavares also mentions that “There is still work to do to ensure frictionless trade.”

Furthermore, the group also announced that they are looking at the possibility of creating an electric vehicle. The company mentions that they are looking to announce their first model or unit by the year 2025.

Peugeot to Invest Hundred of Millions Towards Production Changes

Peugeot to Invest Hundred of Millions Towards Production Changes

Peugeot’s Electric Vehicle Expansion

According to a statement made by PSA, will be responsible for defining and deploying the group’s electric vehicle strategy and rolling out the related products and services,”

This follows the group’s announcement last January. PSA announced that they are looking to announce a whopping 40 new models that will fit the criteria of electric vehicles by 2025.

The countless lawsuits filed against automakers for emission-related troubles are pressuring companies to create better alternatives.

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