Huawei Receives Patent for Foldable Smartphones, Overtakes Samsung and Apple

Chinese tech giant Huawei overtakes Samsung and Apple as it received a patent for foldable smarthpones. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) shares Huawei’s details for the smartphone.

This news puts Huawei at the forefront of foldable display technology. These smartphones are widely speculated to be the future of smartphones.

Foldable display smartphones consist of phones which the user has the option to bend or fold the phone into different forms and shapes. As per Huawei’s patent, the smartphone will consist of two displays which are foldable in the middle. When folded, the device will act as a phone and after opening, the device will work like a tablet.

If one compares the design of the proposed Huawei smartphone with the ZTE’s Axon M, it is observed that the latter has a dual display model, whereas the former, when released, will have a single display screen that is foldable in the middle. The rest of the details about Huawei’s proposed smartphone are still not in the public domain, but it is expected that the phone will be released before the end of 2018.

On October 2017, Huawei’s CEO said, “We already have a working sample. We have two screens, but we still have a small gap. That’s not good, and we should get rid of that gap (between the screens).”

Samsung had revealed its Galaxy X smartphone has a foldable display sometime ago, but may see the light of day only by the year 2020. Apple Inc., on the other hand, has tied up with South Korean major LG to develop its own foldable smartphone.

Many firms have already mentioned to manufacture smartphones with foldable displays; but so far, none of them have reached the stage of releasing for commercial use.

Ready to Give Apple and Samsung a Good Fight

A Huawei smartphone

“The mobile phone is on the verge of an experience revolution,” the president of strategic marketing at Huawei said.

The company’s triumphs in its creation of personal assistants to AI-enabled camera technology. He added that the ‘smart experience’ is essential in remaining competitive in the mobile landscape; Huawei hopes its use of smartphones’ AI help them fight evenly with world’s smartphone leaders, like Apple, and Samsung.

From augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence to sophisticated camera features- these will make a huge role on Huawei’s impending change and convergence of the digital world.

“Huawei’s ambitions to surpass Apple and Samsung might seem bold, its heavy investment in research and development suggest there’s real depth to what it wants to achieve,” the global director of Kantar Worldpanel said.

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