BMW Looks to Face Lawsuit on Emission Scandal in New Jersey

BMW is reportedly facing several lawsuits regarding vehicle emission cases. The car manufacturer is charged with allegedly cheating their diesel emission results. The German-automaker is looking to face such lawsuits in the New Jersey court.

The car manufacturer is accused of manipulating its emission results. BMW’s autos are looking to be modified to produce passable emission figures. They are looking to bypass the US air quality standards with the alleged results.

BMW faced similar charges including emission scandal in the past. Identical charges were pressed against the company in the past for its Volkswagen units. The units were believed to have the capability of manipulating their emission. Today, other units are observed to feature such manipulative potential.

BMW’s Lawsuit Details

According to reports, the vehicles involved were the BMW X5 and the 335d diesel vehicles. The lawsuit stated that both units are considered ‘defective’ like the previous Volkswagen. It also revealed that the X5s and 335ds models that were sold between the year 2009 and 2013 are considered to be the culprits.

The lawsuit noted that “often emit far more pollution on the road than in the emissions-certification testing environment.” It also added the company that made the software for the company, a German brand named Bosch.

Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP’s Steve Berman and James Cecchi from Carella, Byrne, Cecchi, Olstein, and Brody & Angelo were the ones that filed the lawsuit.

Steve Berman stated that “At these levels, these cars aren’t just dirty – they don’t meet standards to be legally driven on U.S. streets and no one would have bought these cars if BMW had told the truth,”

The X5 and 330d are believed to emit nitrogen oxide higher than the US standard. The alarming levels have caught New Jersey’s prosecutors as they push legal actions against BMW.

BMW Faces Another Emission Lawsuit

BMW Faces Another Emission Lawsuit in New Jersey

BMW’s Answer and Market Performance

Furthermore, the email sent by BMW’s spokesman reveals that the case is still an ongoing allegation.

It also mentions that the following vehicles “are not manipulated and comply with all respective legal requirements.”

Currently, the German-brand is not looking hot in the market as they continue to dip. BMW’s shares are drowning in the market after the recent diesel scandal. Today, the carmaker is experiencing bearish results after trading quite well in the market.

The company’s shares were dropping by a total of 1.18% in the aftermarket trading. Their shares managed to peak at a total of 0.7% increase prior to the lawsuits.

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