Facebook Adds New Executives In Charge of New Content

Facebook has been one of the biggest social media in the industry and they are looking dominate even more as they hire a new executive. The company is looking to add someone who will spearhead their content creation for their videos.

Reports revealed that the company is looking to overthrow one of the biggest competitions in the market, Youtube. Facebook is looking to tap a former Buzzfeed and Pinterest, both big social media outlets, to spearhead their new plans.

Facebook to Introduce New Watch Platform

Facebook to Introduce New Watch Platform

The Social Media’s New Executives

The social media giant has reportedly acquired Matthew Henick as their new head for the Facebook global video content strategy and planning. Henick is the former head of BuzzFeed studios, a company known to make entertaining content.

Furthermore, Henick’s main job is going to rotate on managing video content for Facebook’s latest and newest platform, Facebook Watch.

Facebook Watch has been one of the social media’s biggest plans in the content streaming market. The new platform is looking to directly challenge Youtube and the prominent Netflix as they try and create new and original video content.

Moreover, the company is also looking to tap another social media powerhouse in the form of Mike Bidgoli. The former Pinterest employee is looking to head the Facebook Watch product side by side with Matthew Henick.

Facebook Watch has seen a previous release on a select few, a limited group in the United States to be exact last August. The launch test saw the Watch on the company’s mobile app, website, and even on television apps.

It has been rumored to be highly extensive and vast in terms of the content they are going to be providing. The new platform is looking to air content from women’s basketball, nature and safari shows and even parenting.

Facebook Watch’s Future

The company is looking to enter the massive market dominated by big players such as Netlfix Inc., Amazon Prime Video, and the biggest of them all, Alphabet’s very own Youtube.

Furthermore, the social media giant has been focused on entering the original video content industry as they prepare for several deals and partnership last year. Some of these deals include Vox Media, BuzzFeed, ATTN, Group Nine Media, and plenty more.

This is going to be a great and huge leap from the company as they’ll enter the market at the same time where bigger industry names such as Disney. Facebook looks to create millennial-centric content with all the deals and acquisition they had.

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