Ford Waits For Aluminum Trucks’ Payoff, Yields Spike Pull Shares Down

One of the biggest names in the automobile market, Ford, is still awaiting the massive return from their previous gamble. Ford’s previous aluminum based F-150 pickup trucks are still looking to help the company back on its feet.

This is the first time that an automotive company has fully committed to making a vehicle out of aluminum. They have managed to put a massive volume of aluminum on their pickup trucks as opposed to the more traditional steel.

F-150 Plans and Specs

Looking at the specification of the new Ford F-150, the product of using a huge volume of aluminum have resulted in a 700 pounds lighter vehicle, but with the same monstrous capability of its predecessor. The vehicle still rocks the V6 engine opposed to the V8.

Ford is still hoping for the pickup to penetrate the market as the advantages it carries. One of the plans of the company is to take some of the customers General Motors and Fiat Chrysler. They are also looking forward to a decent profit boost from the F-150.

Ford's Aluminum F-150 B

Ford’s Aluminum F-150 All Aluminum Body

Ford’s Current F-150 Standing

Today, Ford’s massive plans and anticipation have been abruptly halted by the moderate gasoline prices and the current fuel dilemma is no longer existent. This managed to shove some of the truck owners and buyers out of the market.

Furthermore, the recent events managed to keep the progress and sales for Ford’s F-150 and other trucks just above its previous figures. There were no drastic changes and sharp returns, although a slighter bump in sales has been noticed.

Ford’s Previous Year with Aluminum Buffed Trucks

Last year, the aluminum market has been one of the factors that weigh down the company’s performance. Ford tallied a total of 17% decline from last year on their North American market due to the rising aluminum price.

Following the aluminum’s price, the metal managed to strike a whopping 20% increase in the last three years. The numbers are looking to creep up higher this year under the Trump administration and their imposed tariffs.

Ford Yields Up, Shares Down

The company’s yields managed to surge to the 7% mark after having a relative 6% in early 2018. The concerns regarding the new tariff continue to draw concerns on escalating prices for both sheets of steel and aluminum.

Ford’s shares were down to a massive 52-week low. The lackluster February sales also piled with the tariff problems causing a problematic market performance.

The new trade laws and concerns are looking to give the auto company a massive beating as they took the shift from steel to aluminum. The high aluminum price is looking to hit the company’s production as costs are expected to increase.

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