HK$48M Gambling Chips Stolen from Macau’s Wynn Casino

Macau police hunt for the millions of dollars’ worth of gambling chips. These chips were allegedly stolen by the casino’s own croupier and a security guard in one of its VIP rooms.

Wynn Macau trademark

The total money stolen amounted to almost HK$48 million ($6 million). The police did not name the casino involved in the massive heist. However, a report revealed that the theft took place in a VIP room at the Wynn Macau.

According to the police, they were able to arrest two men on Thursday who are related to each other. They were Macanese residents aged 49 and 70.

The croupier was reported saying that his reason for the theft was that he had huge gambling debts. He also said that the guard was his uncle.

The heist took place at the VIP room the croupier worked in at 7AM on Tuesday. There was no gamblers present and he was only accompanied by one other dealer at the time.

A police spokesperson narrated on Monday, “(He) shouted at his female colleague, ordering her to stay quiet and lie on the gaming table. Then he returned to his assigned gaming table and took out HK$47,895,000 worth of chips.”

The spokesperson added that the croupier then drove off in a motorcycle with the casino chips stuffed in a bag. The Security guard later met with the croupier at a park neighboring Taipa with the chips.

The croupier admitted that he was guilty but refused to disclose the chips’ whereabouts. Meanwhile, the guard denied involvement in the crime.

Wynn Macau is under Wynn resorts, owned by United States gaming tycoon Steve Wynn.

Macau is considered to be the world’s largest gambling hub with six casino operators found in the autonomous region. This is the only place in China where gambling is legal.

PJ Denies Use of Weapon

The Macau Judiciary Police (PJ) denied media reports that claimed weapons were used by the croupier during the heist.

According to some reports, the croupier was armed with a knife which he then used threaten one of his female colleagues during the process of stealing the casino gaming chips.

The PJ reaffirmed that the information provided in the press conference is accurate. There were no weapons or violence involved in the heist.

Police stated that the stolen casino chips can only be exchanged for cash at gaming resorts owned by the same operator.

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