Tesla Brings Model 3 to Three East Coast Showrooms

Tesla announced that it will be bringing its Model 3 to showrooms located on the East Coast. This will give local reservation holders a chance to see the car for themselves months after the company started production.

Tesla logo on red car

The electric carmaker will reveal Model 3s on Friday at its store in Manhattan’s Meatpacking district. It will also be on display in its showroom on Boston’s Boylston Street. The car will be debuting in Miami this weekend.

Many Tesla customers have handed over $1,000 to reserve. They will be able to see the model up close, sit inside and ask questions about the vehicle.

Besides Manhattan, Boston, and Miami, Tesla also recently debuted Model 3 showroom vehicles in Los Angeles and Palo Alto, California.

Tesla does not sell its cars through any dealers. It has more than 100 showrooms and galleries strewn across the U.S. There have been a total of 500,000 customers who made reservations for the car.

Model 3 is best-known as Tesla’s lowest-priced car. According to the company, the starting sticker price for the vehicle is $35,000. The company has begun production of more expensive versions which boasts longer battery range.

Model 3 productions have been ramped up by the automaker. Tesla stated its plans to reach a production rate of 5,000 Model 3s per week by the end of 2017.

It then later moved the same target to the end of 2018’s first quarter. Tesla’s most recent announcement pushed the target to the end of the second quarter of 2018.

Model 3 Garners Heaps of Praise from Early Reviews

Tesla’s Model 3 reviews praised the car as a futuristic, mold-breaking car. It was also called as the possibly best electric vehicle at its price point. But these praises does not mean that the vehicle is perfect.

In general, Tesla’s first attempt at a less expensive car than their higher-end S and X models received positive feedbacks. The Model 3 was praised for its smooth, quiet ride, uniquely minimalist interior and dashboard, and its body design.

However, issues have arisen in regard to some aspects of the car’s unorthodox features. This is mainly centered on Tesla’s choice to forego a traditional instrument cluster in front of the driver and instead replaced it with a large monitor in the middle dashboard’s center.

The car is seen by many as the model which will either make or break Tesla as a mass market automaker or as a company altogether.

There have been rare occurrences of profitable quarters for the company since it went public in 2010. It has mostly spent billions in building its auto, energy storage, and solar businesses.

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