2M Vehicles to use Intel’s Mobileye Autonomous Driving Tech

Intel Corp. Chief Executive Brian Krzanich released a statement on Monday discussing Mobileye’s autonomous vehicle technology.

Lit up Intel signage

Krzanich said that BMW, Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., and Volkswagen AG will be using its unit for data crowdsourcing. It will be utilized for map building which will enable the autonomous driving.

Last year, Intel bought Israeli firm Mobileye to compete with the likes of Qualcomm Inc. and Nvidia Corp. The world’s largest chipmaker was able to tap the fast-growing market of driverless cars.

Intel also has a partnership with SAIC Motor Corp Ltd. According to the chipmaker, it will use Mobileye technology to develop cars in China.

Krzanich also stated that as of yet, there is no information of compromised customer data. This follows the company’s announcement last week that researchers were able to find and report security issues in its widely used microprocessors. According to the reports, the issues might prove to be a way for hackers to steal sensitive information from phones, computers, and other devices.

Two security flaws were pointed out by the security researchers. It exposed the vulnerability of almost every modern computing device that has chips from Intel, ARM Holdings, and Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

Inform will Build New Cybersecurity Group

Intel was reported forming a new internal cybersecurity group following the recently disclosed flaws in its microchips.

Intel’s human resources chief Leslie Culberstone will head the new group.

Culberstone has been working with the chipmaker since 1979. The new group is named “Intel Product Assurance and Security.”

“It is critical that we continue to work with the industry, to excel at customer satisfaction, to act with uncompromising integrity, and to achieve the highest standards of excellences,” Krzanich was quoted saying in the memo Intel employees received.

Additionally, Intel Vice President Steve Smith was appointed as part of the newly formed group. The new organization will consist of Smith along with other top executives of the company.

The changes will also be effective immediately.

Intel was not immediately available for comment regarding the report.

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