Cisco Partners Up With Interpol

Cisco announced it will be sharing threat intelligence with the international police network Interpol in order to fend off cybercrime. This comes after Amazon Web Services (AWS) revealed its “Secret Region” cloud service for the U.S. Intelligence Community.

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Cisco started that the organizations will be banding together to create coordinated and focused approach to data sharing.

The company is one of the major providers of hardware like routes and switches that help power the web. This then gives Cisco access to information regarding the world’s largest companies and governments.

Cisco Talos, the company’s security team, will be providing the Interpol with unspecified intelligence on a host of cyber threats. According to the company itself, its security technology currently stops around 19.7 million threats daily.

“As cybercrime continues to escalate around the world, defenders from both the public and private sectors must meet the threat with equal force,” John N. Stewart, Cisco’s chief security and trust officer, stated. “Visibility and comprehensive threat intelligence across the cyber domain are critical to enable detection, analysis, and protection against emerging threats. We are pleased to collaborate with Interpol to exchange threat intelligence and find other knowledge-sharing opportunities to fight cybercrime globally.”

Interpol’s Views

Outside Interpol Headquarters

Noboru Nakatani, the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation’s (IGCI) executive director, shared the purpose of the collaboration. According to him, this will help Interpol and law enforcement units in 192 member countries. It will also help in detecting and preventing cyber threats.

Interpol isn’t known for being apolitical. They have been accused of favoring countries over others. An instance that proves this was when Russian president Vladimir Putin placed a critic on the Interpol wanted list. Most believed that the actions were politically motivated.

Despite other tech companies having clients in the government sector, Cisco and Interpol’s collaboration stands out. The collaboration is handled in a different way compared to other tech companies. Usually, those in the tech industry, such as Apple or Twitter, demands for warrants before granting the government’s request to share data.

In their defense, Cisco claims that such collaboration is necessary in order to restrain the cyber security threats all over the world.

Cisco’s isn’t the only data sharing agreement that Interpol was able to acquire. In October, BT Group signed an agreement with Interpol. Their agreement entailed that the company will share data as part of a wider initiative to fend off cyber-attacks internationally.  BT stated that its threat intelligence experts will be providing support to Interpol cyber wing, IGCI, in order to pinpoint cyber criminals.

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