Bank of England Emphasizes Inflation Expectations for Q4

BoE discuss inflation rates

Expectations about UK inflation was repeatedly discussed by Bank of England officials including Monetary Policy Committee members Gertjan Vlieghe, Ian McCafferty and Michael Saunders, and deputy governor John Cunliffe as it is anticipated to peak this fourth quarter in the inflation report hearings held Tuesday before the British Treasury Select Committee.

Vlieghe admitted that the perspective on wage increase and its impact on inflation was a judgement call while he presented his own decision to vote for a hike, stating that there isn’t any science composing it. He explained that his decision was based on cuts in the unemployment rate and under-employment rate, along with signs that the response of the firms for higher wages in order to gain more qualified employees were beginning.

Vlieghe suggested that there was consistency with the outlook with a modest tightening of monetary policy.

Voting against the last BoE hike would be Cunliffe, explaining that his opposition was due to the preference to see things through until there was clearer evidence of growth in wages. He repeated that UK’s inflation was predicted to peak in this quarter, on the other hand, Vlieghe wanted to make it clear to them that those expectations were based on the idea that the pound and oil prices would remain at large at current levels.

Central banks worldwide wouldn’t be able to make promises regarding interest rates were highlighted by both Saunders and McCafferty as those decisions will be projected by economic developments.

Cunliffe insisted that the BoE’s asset purchase program, otherwise known as quantitative easing or QE, has not “forgotten” about their worries and eventually anticipates a gradual decrease in an attempt to avoid disruption.

The interest rates would be needed to project higher numbers as McCafferty added before they start to unwind QE with the mention that the BoE has previously discussed that interest rates of around 2% would be the necessary level.

BoE Voting Result

Bank of England and MPC members voting

Bank of England officials who determine the rates showed differences on Tuesday over the central bank’s first interest hike in about a decade, as determining whether low unemployment was going to drive the inflation was emphasized.

Out of the Monetary Policy Committee’s four members spoke to lawmakers, nearly three weeks after the 7-2 vote result by the committee to increase the main rate to 0.50 percent from 0.25 percent.


Vlieghe stated that he changed his vote to support the rate hike because of the surfacing signs that employers were having difficulties with recruiting staff and that employees were more comfortable about switching jobs for higher wages.

Small changes were observed in the pound in response to the comments as the members followed what the BoE has already explained.

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