Tesla’s New Roadster to Beat Accelerating Production Records

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Tesla announced for the new Roadster

The announcement for the new Roadster, to be available starting in 2020, describes it accelerating from 0-60 within 1.9 seconds. That record triumphs the internal combustion giants such as the 2017 Bugatti Chiron or the 2014 Porsche 918 Spyder in terms of accelerating production.

In late 2014, the Model S P85D debuted with an “insane mode” that makes it accelerate 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. The next year, the Model S P90D which comes with a “ludicrous mode” reduced that time to 2.8 seconds. Currently, that time frame has been further cut to 2.3 seconds with the Model SP100D.

New details about the “special option package” for the new roadster still remain in the dark as it’s completely unknowable whether it will parallel the difference of about 10% between Insane Mode and the initial Ludicrous mode like CEO Elon Musk teased.

Previous spotlight on Tesla upgrades may possibly provide some insight as a more than 30% improvement that was eventually included to the Model S is still being speculated.

There are no details as yet about the “special option package” for the new roadster (though we’ve reached out to Tesla, and will update this story with any further details). But previous headline-grabbing Tesla upgrades might provide some broad insight.

This kind of upgrade would drive the new Roadster’s acceleration time down to almost 1.4 seconds, which may be borderline dangerous but ecstatically scary.

Tesla has a clear reputation of doing things fast and if it keeps its track record, it can stand to dethrone gas-burning sports cars off the radar for good.

Tesla Designed Powerbank

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In light of Tesla’s announcement of its new semi-truck and Roadster, the company released another product that didn’t get much of the limelight.

The automaker best known for producing electric cars has released an external battery pack that will be able to charge your Android smartphone or iPhone when you are not able to get to an outlet.

It might seem unusual, but the company has a reputation when it comes to battery production for consumer use. A solid example would be the Tesla Powerwall, which bears the purpose of supplying power to homes, most especially in the case of a disaster or power outage.

The new Powerbank is powered by the same 18650 cell that the Model X and S vehicles use, where in it’s also available on Tesla’s website. However, the cars use more than a single cell.

There were some branches which reported the Powerbank being sold out, but Tesla seemed to have added new inventory as the product still appears to be listed for sale on Tesla’s website.


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