UAW Files Complaint against Tesla’s Alleged Unfair Layoffs

Tesla Company against Lawsuit

On behalf of hundreds of Tesla factory workers, The United Auto Workers filed a complaint today to the National Relations Board, in regards to the firing stunt that happened at the assembly plant last week. The UAW shared a copy on their website of the complaint made against Tesla, which allegedly claim that pro-union workers were unfairly scrutinized.

The union claims the recent dismissal of several hundred Tesla employees as the complaint was made on Wednesday to the Oakland offices of the National Relations Board. This included many who were part of a pro-union movement at the Fremont assembly plant, and also those who wore pro-union clothing and stickers.

Tesla-owned SolarCity reported the layoffs it made on Thursday, in light of the recent firings. The companies estimated a total of 1,200 employees terminated in the last month, according to sources. The first cuts reported was one week after CEO Elon Musk announced the showcasing of the Tesla Semi truck would be delayed for almost a month, due to a shift on focus on the Model 3 “production hell” that thrown obstacles with the production of its mainstream car.

Tesla, which is usually high-earning, has seen a drop in stocks of roughly 4.5% in October after it announced that it had produced 260 Model 3s and delivered 220 units by the third quarter in comparison of the 1,500 Model 3s produced by September.

Recent sightings of the Model 3 vehicles bearing VINs in the thousands hint that the company is slowly stepping through the ramp portion of its “S-curve”. However, it’s still vague if the company has begun to recover from its “deep production hell”. Musk shared a series of footage in recent weeks that reveals the production body line of the Model 3 in action and body panels being marked in volume.

“Supercharger” Advantage

Tesla compound supercharger

Tesla started a credit-offering based experiment a few years ago and is now nearing its two-year mark.

Starting Nov. 1, buying a new Tesla luxury vehicle through a referral code will come with the right to use a Tesla “Supercharger”. Free of charge forever, the supercharger, company-speak for its fast changing device, is usually built alongside major highways.

However, the buyers will no longer receive $1,000 in credits for a new vehicle. The experiment started back in July 2015 ahead of the Model X launch which was tweaked throughout the years as both the Tesla owner and the new buyer got the $1,000 credit.

The Silicon Valley automaker explained that customers who ordered their Model S or Model X before the date of Jan. 15 will have the advantage of using the network for free, while those who owns its Model 3, will not have that yearly allowance.

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