Mazda’s Efficient Engine Technology Breakthrough

Mazda has developed one of its biggest breakthroughs in internal combustion engine technology in years, which looks like a major competitive edge from one of the industry’s smaller players in the high-cost battle of developing more efficient vehicles.

The Skyactive-X technology will be showcased by Mazda this week at the Tokyo Motor Show. The engine launch in 2019 is expected to deliver as much as 30% fuel efficiency, according to the automaker, over its Skyactive-G engine. The said engine is currently one of the most fuel efficient gasoline engines available on the market already.

“Our resources are limited, so unlike bigger automakers, we don’t have the array of options in which to invest our R&D funds,” stated Mitsuo Hitomi, managing executive officer at Mazda.

Hitomi, who oversees the engine development, said in an interview that they are betting on this kind of technology, expressing their determination against hurdles that they will continue the development of the engine.

A fuel-saving process considered something of high regards with efficient gasoline engines has been seen with engines that ignite gasoline using combustion ignition technology, where Japan’s Mazda Motor Corp mazda-motor has already raced past its giant competitors with its development in this aspect.

The improvement of “greener” engines has evolved as global emissions regulations get stricter. With Mazda’s technology, the life of internal combustion engines could be prolonged and uphold the eco-friendly requirements as they can be used for the production of more efficient gasoline hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Annual vehicle sales come up around 1.6, which Mazda accounts for only a sliver of. Its R&D budget is small compared to the automaking giant Toyota Motor Corp.

Competitive Efficient Engine Industry

Mazda advances with internal combustion engine breakthrough

Global automakers have spent largely to invest heavily in developing a line of new powertrain technologies. This includes EV cars, gasoline hybrids, and fuel cell vehicles, as fuel efficient alternatives to gasoline and diesel vehicles.

One of goals of auto developers has been the Homogenous charge compression ignition. The HCCI engines combine a diesel’s torque and fuel efficiency, resulting with cleaner emissions from a gas engine.

Spark Controlled Compression Ignition (SPCCI) has been engineered by Mazda as a solution that’s similar to HCCI’s purpose. Mazda’s SkyActiv-X uses the spark to start compression ignition as opposed to using a spark plug to ignite the mixture.

The difference can be observed from how instant the mixture combusts completely and brings all the aforementioned benefits.This development creates a longer future for Mazda’s internal combustion engine technology.

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