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Glitch caused Amazon to Send Customers a “Gift”

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Amazon has just experienced a glitch that caused it to send its customers confusing emails saying that “a gift is on the way.”

The email was impersonally addressed to “Amazon Customer,” and said that someone had bought them a gift off their baby registry. However, many recipients did not actually have a baby, much less a baby registry.

Customers took to Twitter their reactions, with some simply joking about the glitch.

“It better be wine cause I’m definitely not pregnant,” one tweeted.

Another one said, “Apparently I’m pregnant because Amazon told me someone bought me something from my baby registry. Who knew.”

Others were actually expecting a baby, but were disappointed upon finding out that a friend did not in fact buy them a gift.

There were concerns raised saying that it might have been a phishing email, but these concerns were immediately squashed as the email was really from Amazon. Upon clicking, they were either taken to another baby registry, or were redirected to a broken link.

“A technical glitch caused us to inadvertently send a gift alert e-mail earlier today. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused,” said an Amazon spokesperson, confirming that there was nothing suspicious about the erroneous email.

It has also gathered a few negative reactions.

“Not every wants a baby. And those that do often struggle to conceive. This email (SPAM?!) is INCREDIBLY inappropriate,” tweeted one woman.

Amazon shares were largely unchanged.

Although glitches like this have been rare in Amazon, there were other instances in the past when the tech giant encountered problems in its systems.

In June, customers who were trying to view product listings were instead shown an image of a dog. Further back in February, a technical disruption occurred in Amazon Web Services, which is its cloud storage and computing business.

Amazon has stated that it has since made enhancements in its system to prevent similar future incidents.

Something Else “On the Way”

Meanwhile, Amazon is working on its first wearable device, according to a report.

The new wearable device, a pair of ‘smart glasses,’ will be powered by Amazon’s digital assistant, Alexa. This move, if confirmed, can be considered as a sign of Amazon’s determination to make Alexa a formidable rival to Google Assistant and Siri.

It is reported to be a normal-looking pair of glasses that tether to the user’s phone and allows him or her to hear Alexa via a bone-conduction audio system.

The new device is different from Google Glass in a way that it won’t be sporting a screen or camera. This hardware absence is said to effectively improve the device’s battery life. Google Glass was founded by Babak Parviz. He was hired by Amazon in 2014.

Amazon has not issued a confirmation or comment about the Alexa-powered glasses.

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